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Cooking has become much more healthy & practical.
How about cooking food without adding fat?
And what if this comes along with no need for heavy cleaning of pans?

This is provided by Dover Assa + Leve, the new cooking paper for conventional oven, stove, microwave and grill.

  1. It’s “+ light” and “+ healthy” because it cooks food without adding fat;
  2. Facilitates the cleaning of pans;
  3. Food does not cling at the bottom of the pans;
  4. Cooks food evenly;
  5. Fast and safe: reduces the time of preparation of food;
  6. For conventional oven, stove, microwave and grill;
  7. Innovative, economical, ecological, adapts to various foods and ways of cooking;
  8. A quality product from Dover-Roll manufacturers

How to use:

How to use

See how your diet can be healthier with Dover Assa+Leve:

  • Assa+Leve - Chicken Breast
  • Assa+Leve - Burger
  • Assa+Leve - Frozen Potato Frites
  • Composition:

    • Cellulose and food polymers aqueous-based;
    • Nonstick coating for contact with food;
    • Done without added fat;
    • Does not contain gluten;
    • Indefinite validity.
  • SOURCE: appraisal from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the UFF Universidade Federal Fluminense.