Company and Brand

For more than 40 years the Dover-Roll brand is recognized by consumers as a symbol of quality in garbage bags.

Dover-Roll is manufactured by Engetech Comércio e Indústria de Plásticos Ltda in a modern industrial complex, in the forefront of technological development in plastics processing.

We have a complete laboratory, where all production is rigorously inspected to meet National and International Standards.

Fábrica Dover-Roll


Our products undergo various quality tests such as:

  • Freefall Test
    Hang the bag at maximum capacity for a few minutes at a certain height and drop it to the floor. In this test the bag should remain intact after the fall;
  • Thickness Test
    Measure the thickness of the bag with great precision using digital micrometer, to ensure that it is in compliance with specifications;
  • Leak Test
    Hang the bag at full capacity with liquid and after a few minutes, check if leaked or dripped;
  • Opacity Test (Transparency)
    Aims to measure the degree of opacity / transparency of trash bags, keeping them within the pre-set standards;
  • Elasticity Test
    Controls the elasticity of the plastic trash bag. This test aims to ensure adequate flexibility of the bag, so to a certain strength, stretch but not blow it.